My Chi-rona

As is the case in all of my upcoming stops, I had no solid idea of what I’d do once there. Admittedly this trip to Chicago was mostly about drinking margaritas with old friends with any sightseeing an added bonus. Rather than seek out the traditional tourist spots, I explored the surounding neighborhoods. First on the list was a day spent at Licoln Park Zoo. Guys it’s free and pretty awesome! I’ll spare you all the animal photos- which as it turns out are the majority of my pictures from Chicago. The following day was spent exploring Wicker Park- Chicago’s hipster village. What a lovely little area packed with awesome restuarants, cafes, dive bars, and basement vintage digs. After exploring around for the afternoon Nickie and I battled maps and traffic in the rain. To Nickie’s credit she did a damn good job of city driving. The day rounded out at Goose Island Brewery followed by my first Uber and pitchers of margaritas. A very successful and wonderful visit. Kat and Katie thank you so much for having us!

Step One
Step One
Chi Sky
Ok I couldn't resist. A pile-up of naked mole rats napping, so damn cute.
Ok I couldn’t resist. A pile-up of naked mole rats napping, so damn cute. Zoom in and look at those little buck teeth!
Oh and giraffes eating.
Oh and giraffes eating.
What a beaut
What a beaut
The flash void
Seen in Wicker Park, obviously.

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