Rain City

I slept only until sunrise once I headed from Whitefish to Seattle. Washington is such a beautiful state, I loved watching the scenery change from desert, to grape and hop fields, to iconic Pacific Northwest forests. By the time I got to Seattle I was a zombie. Sleep deprivation has become a lifestyle on this trip between train accommodations and general excitement to get out and explore where ever I am. My first real day in the city I did what any good tourist does and headed to Pike’s market and the aquarium. There was so much people, dog, and baby watching to be had.

Day two I started my morning at Starbucks to get some work done. The guy sitting near me asked about the tablet I was using (this happened twice more while I was here. Turns out in tech town, people loving starting conversations based on what device you use) and we chatted for well over an hour. I love how willing strangers are to talk to you about anything. There must be some psychological study for what people are willing to share and open up to other strangers about. Eric talked to me about almost going to UVM, his decision to stay on the west coast, his envy of his older brother- who of the 4 children was the only one to pursue his passion (architecture rather than medical/engineering field), and his struggles and joys as a father. People are just great.

I made my way down to Tacoma to see Alyssa and visit the museum of glass. I keep toying with this idea that rather than continue in my field I’ll pursue something a little more artistic. The museum has an auditorium to watch the professionals make whatever project they’re cranking out; today it was glass vases. I hung around the auditorium for hours just watching the process. Such a team effort and so systematic. As visitors trickled in and out I stayed completely enraptured by the process. Because my dear Alyssa is so bad ass, she was busy at a birth all day but was able to meet for dinner. We giggled our faces off, as we do, and caught up on all that had happened in the past year. Alyssa mentioned that Nate Marshall was in town- and If any of you have ever had the pleasure of grabbing a beer with Nate you understand what a delightful surprise this was.

The next day over a breakfast of cookies hot out of the oven, Alyssa and I sat by the Sound sipping our coffee and planning our day back in Seattle. But of course little miss had another baby to deliver. So back up north I went. It was the first absolutely beautiful and clear day since I’d gotten to town, so I spent the day at Gaslight Park where I laid around reading and creeping on pups in the park. What I learned about Seattle is the appreciation of a beautiful clear day. I guess even for me the constant drizzle was more than I could handle. The evening ended visiting Rachel at her bar. Rachel and I had last worked together before either of us were even 21, so it was really fun to see her bartend. She’s has this wonderful way of super sweetly taking no shit and sassing up a storm- all my favorite things (Nickie you would love it). The night ended chatting until sunrise in the rain. A true Sleepless in Seattle evening (that’s what the movie is about right?). My final night in town was a perfectly mellow end to the week spent with Thai food, margaritas, an Irish bar, and Alyssa and Nate. Emerald City, you sure were a good time. Thank you so much to Rachel and Alyssa for putting me up in such lovely accommodations, carting me around, and generally being super wonderful people.


One thought on “Rain City

  1. you always inspire us Britt. So happy to have your extremely joyful blog to look forward to . Have a great week and catch ya on your next entry. ❤


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