What are we doing here?

Let’s talk about why we’re here. Or more specifically why I’m here and why I think you should stick around. This is a space for anyone who is interested in traveling more throughout their year. This is not a space where I will post travel quotes on pretty backgrounds urging you to get bit by the travel bug, to drop everything and travel today, or to free your mind to travel. Don’t get me wrong, I love those travel quotes and adamantly agree with 90% of them, clichés and all. But they’re a little cutesy and gimmicky in my opinion. I want to give you actionable advice from a truthful place. What’s it like to live out of a backpack? What’s it like to travel alone? What’s it like to be unable to communicate in the local language? What’s it like to get sick on the road? Travel is a lot of beautiful sunsets, life-changing friends, and outrageous stories. But it’s also being unsure, lost, nervous, maybe even afraid. And I’m not afraid to share those aspects with you all.

I started this journey of long-term solo travel the day after my 25th birthday on October 2, 2014. I did a ton of research before hand- like comically too much research even. This was so outside the realm of what I ever thought to be possible, so I wanted to be as prepared as I could. I’m a college grad with a handsome amount of student loan debt, the daughter of two entrepreneurs who didn’t exactly have hobbies as much as 24 hour businesses, and I had such a low paying career in social services that I needed to continue to waitress about 15-20 hours a week to make ends meet. I worked three jobs throughout all four years of college, not only out of financial need, but because I couldn’t imagine filling my time with anything other than work. So to up and leave my job with no idea what would or could come next was really terrifying. I touch on this in my first post ever.

Photo after I booked my flight to Buenos Aires. Do you see the terror and excitement behind those eyes?
Photo after I booked my flight to Buenos Aires. Do you see the terror and excitement behind those eyes?

I researched extensively the locations I planned to go and unearthed a host of travel bloggers and location independent lifestyle travelers to check out. Matt Kepnes at NomadicMatt.com, Jodi Ettenberg at Legalnomads.com, Robert at LeaveYourDailyHell.com, and a GringoinBuenosAires.com. All of these sites were helpful, encouraging, and honest- but feeling somewhat out of reach for a brand new traveler interested in creating a location independent life for themselves. These sites have all been around many years, are beautifully polished and feature a wealth of resources. Introducing BrittontheMove: a site with none of these elements (yet)!

I want to share my experiences, photos, and stories from my travels. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the just plum ridiculous. But I also want to recognize where you’re at and what your travel wants and goals are. Maybe you’re still in college, or even high school, and jumping on a plane to South America for three months isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Maybe even jumping on a plane, train, or car and going across the country (whatever country you may be joining us from) doesn’t seem possible either. I want my main focus to be on how to get your toes wet in travel, what you may encounter on the road, to field any questions you have, and to show you it’s damn well possible! Let’s this be a space where we can each encourage each other to get out there a little bit more; wherever “there” may be. Oh, and this site will never have a ticker in the top corner of all the countries I’ve visited. Travel is not a to-do list. If you are cursed with this mentality, lose it. There are things to discover every day of every week just where we are. I’d love to enlist each of you as experts to field questions about your city or your country or activities you’re enthusiastic about (hiking, biking, shopping, eating, etc.). Let’s build a little beginners community here!

If it interests you to watch me (a friend, a relative, a perfect stranger, a fellow blogger) create a location independent lifestyle from the ground up, I am so happy to have you here! I’ll be transferring this site to a brand new specific domain and rebuilding the few posts I have here, while building up my social media accounts, creating content, building a second business to support this little pipe dream, and working on the side to pay those damn student loans. I have zero experience in any of this and am voraciously and exhaustively learning each day until I practically fall asleep at my computer each night.

On a side note, follow Humans of New York. Look through their Facebook page, scroll all the way down to Brandon’s 2011 posts, and click on any one of posts there. It’ll probably have thousands of likes and dozens or hundreds of shares, but if you click through the comments there may only be 15-20 that were left at the time it was first posted. I love Brandon’s site for a hundred reasons, but I also love that you can see the beautiful network he created out of a humble beginning. Let his posts individually inspire you and let his early posts inspire the courage to build whatever it is you’re dreaming about.

Audience participation! Share in the comments what your travel goals are, this could be anything from visiting a country you’ve never been before to getting to that local museum you keep forgetting about. Feel free to ask any questions or leave suggestions for future posts. If you’re not into public commenting I’d love to hear from you at BrittontheMove at Gmail.com or send me a message on the Facebook page of the same name. My travel goal: travel across Canada by train.


7 thoughts on “What are we doing here?

  1. You are a gutsy me! I want to one day sell our house and move to a completely new country with my little family. Of course, my husband is the “traveling is not for me” dude. I want to start doing a lot of short trips. Portland is my next destination. I’m going to thoroughly enjoy livening vicariously through you! Safe travels!


    1. Hahah I love the idea of selling everything off and up and moving! But maybe convince the husband with a few smaller trips like you said. Trustedhousesitters.com is a really great resource if you want to just get your toes wet in a new area but still need your home and pets to be cared for while you’re away. And of course, Airbnb is great for things like that. I’d love to hear about your Portland trip!

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